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The Responsible Investor’s Guide to Commodities

The Responsible Investor’s Guide to Commodities
Published: 05 Oct 2011
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onValues | 5 October 2011

The Responsible Investor’s Guide to Commodities

onValues has released The Responsible Investor's Guide to Commodities, a report aimed to help institutional investors navigate the environmental, social and governance challenges of commodities-related investments. Investors gain exposure to commodities in various ways: derivatives, physical commodities, real assets such as forests and farmland, and debt and equity of companies active in the sector. The report launched today offers specific best-practice recommendations for each of those asset classes and also comments on the strategic allocation between commodities-related assets from the perspective of a responsible investor.

The role of investors in commodities markets will be increasingly critical and scrutinized as resource scarcity and demand growth continue into the future. This report aims to provide a starting point for investors to consider how to adopt practices that preserve their "license to invest" and contribute to long-term social and economic goals.

onValues received support for its commodities research over the past two years from the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs, the UN Global Compact and the Principles for Responsible Investment initiative.

Download the report «The Responsible Investor's Guide to Commodities» 
Source: onValues

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