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Encyclopedia of Commodity and Financial Prices

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A Comprehensive Reference Guide to the Commodity and Financial Markets

CRB Encyclopedia of Historical Commodity and Financial PricesSince 1934, traders, investors, analysts, portfolio managers, and speculators around the world have relied on the Commodity Research Bureau (CRB) to help them navigate the uncertainties of the commodity and financial markets. Today,The CRB Encyclopedia of Commodity and Financial Prices continues this long-standing tradition, by offering a comprehensive guide to commodity and financial prices. For its wealth of information and the authority of its sources, The CRB Encyclopedia of Commodity and Financial Prices stands alone as the guide to intelligent trading in the commodity and financial markets.
This unique reference guide provides the “big picture” for anyone dealing in the commodity or financial markets by delivering long-term charts and written historical analysis, as well as supporting data on a companion CD-ROM.
No other source provides the long-term perspective of The CRB Encyclopedia of Commodity and Financial Prices. This book contains a wealth of authoritative data, all compiled by the Commodity Research Bureau (CRB)—the organization of record for the entire commodity industry. The Encyclopedia is essential for anyone who needs commodity and financial charts, analysis, and data in one quick and easy-to-use reference book.
This volume contains:
  • Long-Term Price Charts—A complete array of long-term price charts are included for all the major commodity and financial markets, including energy, grains and oilseeds, foods and fibers, meats, commodity indexes, U.S. stock indexes, U.S. interest rates, and currencies. Long-term historical price charts go back twenty years or more, and there are charts for many markets shown on an inflation-adjusted basis as well, providing a unique perspective.
  • The History of the Commodity and Financial Markets—A brief written history is included for each major commodity and financial market sector, providing easy-to-understand background information on why the markets moved in the past and illuminating the factors that are likely to move the markets in the future. Also included is an annotated list of the key world and market events that have driven the commodity and financial markets over the decades.
  • Data on CD-ROM—A companion CD-ROM is included containing comprehensive commodity and financial price data history that, by itself, could be prohibitively expensive to obtain separately from other sources. Many of the long-term data series are not available from any source other than CRB. The CD-ROM allows you to view and customize the price charts within the book as well as view or export data for use with your own analysis programs.
View pages of Grains & Oilseeds Section  (860kb)

“Not only is CRB known for its legendary CRB Index commodity futures contract, its famous CRB Commodity Yearbook sits on every serious investor’s bookshelf. CRB also offers an incredible array of online resources and trading tools, and continues to lead the pack and set the standard in the financial/commodity industry.”
—Ken Roberts, founder, The Ken Roberts Company
“I find the CRB books my best source of information on commodities. This Encyclopedia is terrific for anyone interested in commodities. I have every CRB Yearbook since 1971, so I know.”
—Jim Rogers, author of Hot Commodities and Adventure Capitalist
“This treasure-trove of information is an absolutely essential source for investors, executives, and entrepreneurs.”
—Steve Forbes, President and Editor in Chief, Forbes

“Finally, a much needed chart reference piece by the group that made technical analysis acceptable - Commodity Research Bureau. There are 10-year and 40-year bar charts for every futures contract of note in this volume. This gives the serious trader one valuable asset in every trade - PERSPECTIVE! Once you begin using these long-term charts, you 'can't go back.' Some charts, such as the currencies, have prices back to the 1920s.
Each type of market - metals, grains, stock indexes, energies, etc. has a thorough written summary about the written history and events for the prior 20-40 years.
For about twenty years until 1994, they used to publish a yearly 'Encyclopedia of Historical Charts' with daily charts for every single contract traded. This became the bible for anyone who wanted to check up on prior all-time highs, support and resistance levels, patterns of bull and bear price runs and price ranges in the past for a specific market. As a technician, I favor intelligence in my trading decisions. It is from these type charts that I learned to mark on the future, right side price scale all the prior highs (h) and support/resistance levels (s/r). These in turn, helped me to exit and re-enter trades in my position trading.
Also assisting one's judgment are the Commitments of Traders reports plotted down at the bottom of all the 10-year charts. Invaluable!
As an aid to assist the more financially trained, most of the individual physicals' charts are shown 'modified' with inflation data. As a result, you can see where the relative value of these commodity and financial markets are.
One thing that caught my eye is the chart histories on the metals group. Not only are the five main U.S. metals traded in the U.S. shown, but the six base metals in London are also given.
Various data is also presented in the Encyclopedia just like in their other 'bible,' the CRB Yearbook. Economic statistics from employment to production is listed in tabular form as well as a chart forma. Anyone wanting answers of this type has them at their fingertips and doesn't need to go through any searches. It's all right there!”
—James E. Schildgen, President, Schildgen's Intelligence Review

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